World Flags is an educational game about guessing country based on flags.

This is a good game that you can use to teach your kids about geographical infos and to learn about the names of the Flags. Each names of the flags are shown on the Countries / Capital Cities.

::Features ::
  • ★ FREE to download
  • ★ Tested on 7", 8" and 10" tablets, phones and being tested on an android TV
  • ✓ 220+ Countries
  • ✓ Five lives & Game over screens
  • ✓ Simple & fun game-play modes
  • ✓ High Quality Flag images
  • ✓ Up to 220+ Flags included
  • ✓ Learning mode and Quiz mode
  • ★ Ad-free version will be available soon
Soon, we'll be adding more features like:
  • ♥ More info about the countries, populations, as well as their special features and monuments
  • ★ Hints & coin systems

Thanks in advance for ratings!
Hope you have lots of fun with the game :)

Finally, kindly leave us a message here or via our FB page if you found any issues or have suggestions.

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